What We Do

Our Approach

During a crisis, when difficult and important decisions must be made, it’s not easy to see the opportunity through the challenge. But there is one. Socom helps clients see that crises are a chance to show their staff, clients and community what they stand for, and embrace the incident as an opportunity to enhance their reputation and be proud of how they handled the situation.

Even in the most pressured situations, we keep a calm and level head, leading clients to set clear objectives from the outset to guide all decision-making and communication during the incident.



Small issues become bigger crises when they are not managed appropriately. Socom’s issues management services assist organisations to identify and deal with small problems early, preventing crises from occurring and allowing organisations to continue with business as usual.


Socom creates clear pathways for organisations to achieve a desired outcomes that strengthens reputations and protects stakeholders. Effective crisis management minimises disruption and moves organisations through an incident effectively, safely and swiftly.


Emotions are heightened during tough times and choosing the right words, who to communicate with and the best way to reach them is not often clear. Socom assists organisations identify the right pathways for effective and meaningful crisis communication.

Are you prepared?


Socom’s crisis management audit identifies areas of compliance with the international standards and gives organisations a clear view of their crisis capabilities and the specific actions required to better prepare them to respond to a crisis when it hits.


There are many communication processes, practices and tools that are imperative during a crisis situation.

Socom’s crisis communication audit identify areas where communication teams can improve their crisis preparedness.


Preparing for a crisis is like preparing for your most important game day. It takes strategy, practice, discipline, team building and perhaps most importantly, commitment. Socom’s Crisis Ready program makes sure organisations are prepared to respond to any crisis at any time.