Issues management

Issues management is the process of undertaking a risk assessment in order to control an outcome and prevent an issue from proliferating. This process can be managed by identifying the key issue, undertaking a situation analysis, mapping stakeholders, understanding situational outcomes, developing and implementing a strategy, and managing the issue until resolution.

Risk and Issues Detection and Monitoring

It is always more cost effective and efficient to deal with issues earlier, rather than later. Often, emerging crisis and issues send warning signals and early detection that can prevent a crisis from happening. Socom can assist you to establish risk detection, monitoring and avoidance systems.

Relationship Building

The key to an organisation’s long-term sustainability, is the strength of its relationships with critical stakeholders. Nurturing these relationships requires time and effort that should begin long before a crisis hits because stakeholders who trust and value an organisation are more likely to show their support during tough times. Measuring the strength of organisational relationships with ORDA is a good place to start.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Effective communication with clients, community members and other stakeholders can prevent issues from becoming crises. Socom assists organisations identify and implement the most appropriate communication and engagement techniques, from the provision of simple information right through to empowering stakeholders by involving them in decision making.

Media Relations

Socom consultants are skilled and experienced in managing media relations for issues that are likely to spark the interest, opinion and involvement of a range of stakeholders. This could include developing key messages, drafting media materials, liaison with journalists and news outlets and conducting media training with spokespeople.

What is Issues Management?