Crisis communication

Crisis Communication Audits

There are many communication processes, practices and tools that should be in place during times of normal business operation that can also be of great assistance during a crisis situation. Socom’s crisis communication audits identify areas where communication teams can improve their crisis preparedness.

Crisis Communication Plans

Socom crisis communication plans coordinate processes by identifying efficient approval processes, appropriate communication tools and tactics and appropriately allocating resources to guide communication teams to effectively respond to an incident, as swiftly as possible.

Crisis Communication Simulations

Socom’s crisis communication simulations prepare communication teams to work quickly and effectively in intense and rapidly changing situations that threaten an organisation’s reputation. Participants are faced with a realistic scenario that requires them to monitor and respond to social media posts, manage media enquiries and communicate with stakeholders.

Media Training

Fronting a swarm of cameras and microphones is an intense situation which can leave an organisation’s spokesperson feeling under pressure and out of control. Media training is an effective way to build the ability of spokespeople to control media interviews and respond to contentious questions confidently and effectively.

Response Support

Socom staff are skilled in quickly and effectively developing communication materials that support crisis management goals. During a crisis we work with in-house communication teams to develop key messages, monitor and respond to social media conversations, manage media enquiries, and to communicate with stakeholders.