Crisis management

What is crisis management?

Crisis management is the process by which an organisation identifies potential issues or threats and establishes effective processes and procedures designed to prevent or reduce the impact of a crisis on the organisation and its stakeholders.

Crisis management can be broken down into four key areas; prevent, prepare, respond and recover.

Effective crisis management minimises the disruption and impact of an incident. An effective crisis response, under pinned by sound preparation and training, provides an organisation with an opportunity to show their staff, clients and community what they stand for, and embrace the incident as a chance to enhance their reputation and be proud of how they handled the situation.


Socom’s preparedness audit identifies areas of compliance with the international ISO Standard 22399 and any changes an organisation may need to ensure it is prepared to respond to a crisis when it hits. The audit gives organisations a clear view of its crisis capabilities and the specific actions required to build these capabilities.

Crisis management plans

Socom’s crisis management plans are fit for purpose and tailored to suit an organisations’ needs. They are not complicated documents, but useful guides to assist with the management of a crisis and include team and critical stakeholder contact lists, information flows, and a list of key questions that should be answered in the first hour of a crisis.

Crisis training and simulations

Preparing for the worst-case scenario with relevant and realistic exercises provides teams with vital experience and important learnings for resilience planning. Socom carefully plans simulation exercises to test an organisations so they are better prepared to respond to an incident.

Crisis leadership training

Effective communication within the crisis management team and being comfortable working with colleagues can be the difference between successfully managing a crisis or causing harm. Socom’s crisis leadership training tests and strengthens the interpersonal skills of team members to ensure they are ready to work effectively as a team during a crisis.

Leadership support

Socom is involved in crises on a regular basis and is a member of crisis teams for a range of organisations. Our experienced staff are on hand 24/7 to guide and lead organisations through the first critical hours of a crisis when big decisions need to be made.

Post-crisis reviews

An independent, post-crisis review will capture valuable learnings to help crisis teams improve performance and effectiveness for when the next incident occurs. What worked well, what didn’t, what can be improved and what do needs to be done differently next time?