Scorpions glow in the dark and other things we’ve learned in recent weeks

On November 22, 2017

Who knew? Many scorpions glow in the dark under ultra violet light. If this news does not sting you, maybe learning that the personal details of 50,000 Australians was mistakenly posted online by a government contractor will. Details posted included full names, emails and credit card transactions.

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common and organisations are struggling to cope with the media scrutiny they cause. As a result, many businesses find themselves on the wrong side of a story because they have not put the appropriate protocols in place to deal with a cyber security incident.

There is no magic solution to reverse a cyber security breach. However, preparing for the possibility is a viable strategy to mitigate the impact on an organisation’s reputation. This starts with explaining what steps have been taken to resolve the issue and ensuring the wellbeing of your customers is your number one priority.

The first step to preparing for a cyber incident is to have a frank and open discussion within your organisation about potential vulnerabilities and whether you can mitigate them and/or developing a game plan to deal with the fall out if they are exposed.    Socom regularly works with clients during these major corporate discussions and can provide council on how to manage cyber incidents and approach communication to preserve your organisation’s relationships (or to minimise impact on your stakeholders).

If you are wondering what steps your organisation should be taking, visit Crisis Management or call us for a confidential conversation at 03 8317 0111.

By Isaac Ransom, Senior Consultant