Relationships are critical – it’s time to start the revolution

On March 20, 2012

If you’ve ever had to call an organisation several times to get a response, been placed on hold only to face a hang up, or given up waiting for someone to answer your query, you understand how it feels to be undervalued. Surely answering the phone or returning a phone call can’t be too difficult.

It’s a sad reflection on the internal culture of an organisation. It’s a sad reflection on the internal culture of the organisation. We need to start asking if there are better ways to operate.

In a brave new world, a core operational focus must be on improving our business relationships.

Organisations never operate on their own, they are part of a intricate web of interdependent relationships with a wide range of individuals and organisations. Smart managers will work out how to make the most of these relationships. I am not talking about exploiting them. I am talking about working to genuinely improve them so it’s more enjoyable and more rewarding for both parties. It’s a clever way of achieve organisational goals more efficiently, effectively and enjoyably.

It’s not that hard. We have the tools to measure, diagnose and improve relationships. All we need is the clients with the intent and will to have a go. I can guarantee you the results will be rewarding in more than financial returns.