Don’t get burnt this Christmas

On December 20, 2017

As we wind down for the holidays, it is important to remember that ‘hot issues’ don’t take a break. If you are asking yourself “what is a hot issue?” then it is time to come in from the sun, cool off and read on.

Hot issues are the issues that can be controversial and have the potential to proliferate into a crisis if not managed properly. These differ from ‘everyday issues’, which are the issues that may escalate, but likely won’t have the same detrimental impact as a ‘hot issue’.

Being able to identify ‘hot or hotter issues’ allows your organisation to prioritise resources on more urgent matters, which can have a significant impact on profit, brand and reputation.

Over the holidays, organisations often lose sight of their ‘hot issues’ and find themselves managing a more complex situation after a break.

It is vital that your organisation has a plan in place to manage your issue through the holidays. To do this, you must identify your issue(s), assess each situation, set outcomes, map your stakeholders and develop a strategy you can execute.

The road to preventing a crisis can be relentless and filled with obstacles. However, if you identify your ‘hot issues’ early and plan accordingly, a crisis can be mitigated and resolved before it happens.

Remember, it is never too late to start planning for the unexpected. For more information visit issues management and crisis prevention.