A genuine apology- A stark contrast in crisis communication

On August 10, 2015

The day after I wrote a blog about a feeble apology from Jon Faine (after his interview with the lawyer of a bullying victim) a letter from Scotch College came across my desk.  It was a stark comparison.  I wanted to congratulate the school for what I think is a genuine and heartfelt apology.

letter from Scotch College

Why would I recommend this as a good example of an apology?

Firstly, the school practiced transparency, outlining the goals it is trying to achieve, and the actions it is taking to achieve them.  Further, it explained the steps the school is taking to prevent any abuse occurring in the future.

This is not a letter saturated in spin, the content reflects integrity in the comprehensive way the school is handling an atrocity that occurred on its premise.

Another genuine lesson for all involved in crisis management and crisis communication, this time an example of a standard every organisation should try to achieve.